The beginning of Banian ITC were in the design and prepress branch of Ibis grafika publishing company in the early 1990s. We started with simple stationary layouts and business forms, but from the very beginning we started to work on the books too, especially on the design and layout of the books from humanities and social sciences. Soon, as publisher grew we continued with monographs and picture books, establishing also the permanent cooperation with some of leading Croatian humanities and social sciences publishers.  Constant improvement, in technology and in design was, and still is our goal. In recent years we centre our design and prepress work on Adobe software which is industrial standard for graphical design and desktop publishing. So far we have completed more than 400 different projects, mostly the books (layout, design, cover), but also many promotional and advertisement  material for private and governmental clients. We have advanced level of proficiency in Adobe graphical applications and in different office applications. 

Think out of the box

We love exotic projects. We started with graphical business while preparing edition of Sanskrit grammar for Croatian publisher. It was in the pioneer time of DTP, with no internet, no downloads and, yes, no fonts available. We had to design our own Devanagari font for that purpose, not at all trivial task back in 1990s. We never give up, and we look for the solutions even in the most difficult and unusual projects. We do this job because we love it – we love its creative side, its artistic overtone and its cultural value.
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