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Page layout

We will typeset and make cover design for books in any Latin-script language, but also for books in Cyrillic, Greek, Devanagari and Arabic scripts. We will take your text file and other graphic material you send us, and make professionally designed and typeset book. We will respect your deadlines and technical requirements of your printer or digital distributor. We can typeset all kind of books – graphically simple novel as well as illustrated monographs or books from humanities and social sciences with a lot of references, footnotes, indices, glossaries etc.

Cover design

For each and every book we will make professionally designed book cover. We will work closely with you regarding the basic concepts and wishes you might have. We will make unique cover to every book, having in view the genre and the content. Please contact us with your request for the precise quote. Campaign projects If you have to do some general – educational, marketing, social, political etc. – campaign, we can help you in providing the overall visual identity concept as well as in designing concrete materials (banners, flyers, logos, typographic elements, brochures, invitations, badges...). Since we are much more than just the graphic design company, we would be happy in sharing our views on concepts and ideas you are willing to promote and share our view in respect of information, technology and communication procedures that could make the most impact on your target group. Please contact us with your request for the precise quote.

Translation services

We provide translation service from almost any European language to Croatian and vice versa. Our translations are done by professional translators with university degree and a long-time experience. As a special service, we provide translation from Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Chinese and Japanese. Please contact us with your translation needs to get a precise quote.

Book prepress

Different scripts

We will typeset your promotion material in Latin script, but also in Cyrillic, Devanagari or Nastaliq

Translation services

We provide translation service to Croatian from a number of European languages, but from some Asian languages too. Please contact us for more information. 
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