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Do you design only the books?

I need complete visual identity for my company/campaign/project. Can you help me with this

No, we do not design only the books.

Although book design makes big part of our service, we are designing and make press-ready other material too – from simple business card to visually more complex posters, jumbo posters, banners etc.

What about web graphics and e-books?

Do you produce web graphics and books for digital distribution.

Yes, we are completely web-ready.

We can make any kind of web graphic for you. The books which are intended for digital distribution we will produce in any digital format you need.

You offered translation from some very strange language. Is this just a joke?

You mentioned even Sanskrit as the language from which you can translate. Is this true, or just a 

It is true. We translate from some exotic languages.

Among other things, we are specialists in Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit, and we provide translation from these languages to Croatian. For these languages, as well as for English, German and Slovenian we have “in-house” translation services. For other European languages, and for Chinese and Japanese we have external associates.